Sunday Classes (9:30-10:30 Sunday Mornings)

We’ve been blessed with a great team of teachers that foster richly theological and practically applicable classes for all ages. Our adult classes are broken down into 3 tracks that serve as electives each semester. These tracks are: Biblical Studies, Biblical Theology, and Practical Christian Living. We rotate topics through these tracks so that each person may choose the class they would like to attend. A typical semester may look like: a study on the Sermon on the Mount for Biblical Studies, a study on the fear of man versus the fear of God for Biblical Theology, a study on Marriage, Finances, or Parenting for Practical Christian Living. You’re invited to choose whichever track meets your particular spiritual need at that time. We are also pleased to offer a Senior Living Class that seeks to confront the specific challenges of this season in life with the truth and promises of God’s Word. This class meets year-round. During the summer months, we are pleased to offer an intergenerational Sunday Class for High School through Adult. We have been immensely blessed by this special dynamic. It is a teaching/discussion-driven class that seeks to blend older faith with younger in order to assist the next generation of faith. God has seen fit to bless our Sunday Class Ministries and we’d love for you to be a recipient of that blessing!

Connect Groups

Our Connect Groups are sermon-based small groups which meet every week from the beginning of August to December and January through April. They are a crucial part of the ministry at FBC where believers gather together to begin integrate and apply what they just recently heard. These groups meet at different homes throughout the church for about 90 minutes and involve discussion, prayer, and deepened relationships around Christ. We are purposeful to allow new-comers to acclimate at their own pace, so please know that you can participate as you feel comfortable. If you haven’t already been invited to one, please contact the church office.

Wednesday Prayer and Bible Study

Wednesday nights provide a wonderful opportunity for an in-depth, intimate setting for prayer and study. We begin by sharing prayer requests for our church body and community before entering into corporate prayer. After prayer, we enter into a theologically rich, yet practical study. Wednesday nights are informal and provide a wonderful opportunity to interact casually with other believers. During the summer months, we transition Wednesday nights into Testimony Dinners, where different people share their journey of coming to know Christ as Savior, and of following Him since. Many share a meal together before hearing